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Story jewels

October 8, 2012  |  Uncategorized  |  , ,  |  3 Comments

This blog began its life by being about vivid memories from childhood creating story jewels.

But then Florence, the hen, came home with us this week!

Introducing - Florence, in her temporary accommodations

Myself + girlchild1 + girlchild2 have just been camping with a good mate and her girls on a farm outside Tulbagh. We love to go to a farm which we call Peter’s Farm but which is officially known as Fynbos Farm.

I put up with many of camping’s little hardships…to create memory jewels for my girls. The rhythm of our days there are a bit like this:

  • Peacocks and cockerels perform a cocka-doodle-doo version of the mexican wave around our tents – at 4.30am!
  • GC1 and 2’s eyes snap open; socks and takkies are hauled on; tent zips open; girls jump on bicycles to rush off to ‘wake’ the farm animals.
  • GC1 and 2 return hours later for drink and snack.
  • Back on bikes.
  • GC1 and 2 return hours later for drink and snack.
  • Off to build a clubhouse in amongst the trees.
  • Nighttime means a huge fire; scrambling in the dark for marshmallow sticks.
  • A quick tooth-brush, a basin wash of the ‘important bits’, a torchlight stumble back to the tent.
  • Fast asleep.
  • Repeat from the top!

(…and all the time I listen and watch. There is soooo much story-fodder to be found in the fantasy play of children.)


Early on in this last trip, GirlChild2 who tells everyone everything(!), told Farmer Peter that her “mother really wants some chickens”. Now in essence this was true. But I’d planned to do this later, after a little chicken palace had been constructed in our garden. (Perhaps the ice-cold nights ’caused by unseasonal snowfalls on the surrounding mountains had left me in a state to say ‘yes’ to anything. And so, on leaving, we were handed Florence.)

I had imagined my first chicks to be of the tiny, cute and fluffy kind.

Florence is none of these.
And I LOVE her.
I’ve fallen in love with Florence because:
– she only needs 3 things from me – nourishment, a perch to roost, a cosy place to lay.
– for this she’ll give me an egg a day.
– she’ll never backchat, argue, need grooming or training, attack anyone, pee in the house, shed fur or slobber!


Imagine the story jewels in this: Florence moves from the farmyard and into our home on Tuesday evening. By Wednesday morning she’s tucked under GC2’s arm eating at the breakfast table and a little while later cuddled in with GC1, on the couch, watching the Disney Channel! True story.


Now Florence is one of my story jewels.I’ve taken photos and notes along the way and think that I’d love to write a story about Florence.

Maybe ‘Florence, the hen who came home‘. Or perhaps ‘Florence, from fynbos to Fish Hoek‘.

See where I’m going with this??

Now to let that all percolate while I think whether I’ll write this from a child’s perspective or from the Hen’s; whether i write this factually or dream up additional wild and wonderful adventures for Florence.